Moving Fast

Every startup must move fast to establish themselves in their space.  When we started Cabot, we were filled with big goals:

  1. Figure out how we can help Site Reliability Engineers
  2. Build a product
  3. Collect underpants
  4. Change the world

Now that we’re a few months into the venture, our milestones take on a practical tone:

  1. Establish a brand
  2. Sign up fifteen SREs for our product feature interview
  3. Build a minimally viable product
  4. Revise our messaging to better explain our value proposition

Reaching each of these milestones demonstrates that we’re improving, moving forward, and getting a step closer to our goals.  It’s particularly frustrating when we have to revisit a completed milestone.


Hitting a Speedbump

A few weeks ago, a colleague happened across a pretty cool open-source project named CabotApp and thought it was us.  It wasn’t.  They happen to be using a similar name.  #$(*&@(!  We thought we completed the brand name milestone!

Would we really have to change our name?  Would we have to take the time and energy away from product activities to rebrand?  Ultimately, we decided, yes.  After several days of discussion and research, we landed on our new name.



Kaizen is most closely associated with Toyota’s lean manufacturing culture that inspired the early Scrum and Agile movements.  From the principle, “The Right Process Will Produce the Right Results,” kaizen has come to mean “continuous improvement.”  I believe that kaizen is the key differentiator between devOps and traditional operations.

Although it took time and effort to rebrand, it turns out this was a happy accident.  We are now aligned with what we – in fact, all of us in the devOps and SRE movements – are striving toward: always getting better.

Be sure to follow us on our new Twitter account: @kaizenOps_io

Thanks for coming with us on this journey.

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