What's wrong?

Docker, Mongo, Kafka, Cassandra, a veritable wall of technologies…you have hundreds of thousands of monitoring data points across them all; what is useful or worthwhile?

The reason for an incident lays beneath this mountain of data. Digging through them will take time.

How kaizenOps.io helps during a production incident

Between the time your SRE gets an alert and the time they get to the computer, kaizenOps.io has analyzed your monitoring tools and put an overview of the situation into your chatOps channel. Quickly see the problem’s impact and kaizenOps.io’s best understanding of its source. Stay calm, focused, and get back online.

Historical Matching

kaizenOps.io matches patterns from earlier incidents with the action taken to resolve them. Go from “Oh no!” to “We’re good!” in record time.

We play well with others

Works with your existing chatOps (Slack, etc.) and existing monitoring systems. No new agents to install.

The powerful machine learning algorithms at the heart of kaizenOps.io will keep learning and be there when you need them.

Let kaizenOps.io’s intelligence decipher the data and deliver reliability.