The Early Access Program

Join The Early Access Program to get the leading machine learning techniques applied to the problems that wake up SREs and their managers in the middle of the night. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our service and the future of site reliability engineering.

Collaborative Partnership

Direct access to founders, experts,
and engineers.

Concierge Service

You’ll receive white-glove service throughout the
early access program.

Early Access

Be on the bleeding edge of site reliability.  Your feedback will be incorporated into service updates.

Next-Gen AIOps

You get access to the next-generation of monitoring intelligence. will assist in getting your site back up and running the next time you experience a hiccup.


What are the technical requirements for using the service?

  • Cloud-based monitoring tools.  Our machine learning algorithms need access to the same monitoring data that SRE/DevOps teams use to diagnose and resolve problems:
    • CPU consumption
    • IO rates
    • Response times
    • etc.
  • does not require access to customer data.
  • All data remains confidential and falls under the terms of our privacy policy.

How often will we meet? is building our service for you.  We want to hear from you as much and as often as you want to give us your feedback.  We’ll set up a private Slack channel for an open line of communication.

How much does it cost?

In return for your time and investment, you will receive a significant discount on the service.