kaizenOps is building the devOps’ intelligent analyst that learns from your monitoring data and delivers mitigation steps during production incidents.  Our advanced machine learning algorithms will help you during the crisis moments between discovering a problem and mitigating it.

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Imagine receiving an alert from your indicating problems in your production environment.  Where do you start?  Which log is relevant?  Is this something that happened before?

When an alert fires, kaizenOps analyzes the environment to determine the likely source of the problem and then presents an overview of the situation in your chatops system (eg, Slack, HipChat, etc)..  You can quickly see the problem’s impact and kaizenOps’ best understanding of its source.

For more details, kaizenOps presents a chart indicating the user impact plotted against metrics about the problem’s source.  If the problem matches earlier incidents, kaizenOps shows the actions taken previously to resolve the incident.

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